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PlatinumVoice PR
A small, hard-working Marketing/PR firm based in Chicago. Established in 2010, we hit the ground running with our direct approach to finding success. Large scale solutions, communication development and project managing, we offer our clients the fu
Submitted on: 2012-12-19
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Luxury Music Group
New Orleans Up and coming record label. A meeting of minds motivation and raw unholstered talent. Download free on our website!
Submitted on: 2012-07-26
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Nootre Music
Music for varied tastes. Instrumental, Classical interpretations, Folk, Original. Listen and enjoy.
Submitted on: 2012-10-01
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S1 Recording Studios
S1 Studios is a full featured recording studio in Orange County, CA. We specialize in recording, mixing, mastering, and music production for any sized project
Submitted on: 2012-10-30
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Guitar chords, piano and ukulele chords
Guitar chords, song lyrics, fresh music videos, piano chirds and ukulele chords on METAL-HEAD.org, your everyday source of fresh stuff from music around the world.
Submitted on: 2012-10-22
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Fader Lima Music
“We all have different radios, we all use different frequencies; yet we all must learn to be able to talk to each other.” Paul McHale “Do you know what frequency you exist on?” That is the very question that Fader Lima seeks for her fans to as
Submitted on: 2013-01-02
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Pat Berger | The Official Website
The official website of guitarist, composer and producer Patrick "Pat" Berger with latest news, recordings, videos and image galleries
Submitted on: 2013-01-03
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The Imaginary Suitcase
The Imaginary Suitcase is also the solo avatar of Laurent Leemans, singer and guitarist in the acoustic folk-rock combo Ceilí Moss since 1996.
Submitted on: 2013-01-18
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Echochain Official Website
The official website for rock band Echochain
Submitted on: 2012-12-19
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Make Money Doing Music Reviews
The music reviewing website Slicethepie. We pay music fans to review music! Want to know why? You can find out more on our about page!
Submitted on: 2012-08-23
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North London Rehearsal Rooms
Bally Studios Rehearsal & Recording Studios offers a friendly service, competitive and transparent pricing, great equipment, free parking, clean rooms, sharp service and a warm welcome.
Submitted on: 2012-11-18
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a1a Iradio Network
Did you know that A1A IRadio Network 21 Genres of Music Streams all over the world to over 60 countries and more than 200 cities right here in the USA. And we are still growing.
Submitted on: 2012-08-10
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Zenound Music - Free Music Streaming and Music Service
Zenound Music is a new music service that hopes to improve the music experience. You can upload music, share it with friends and discover new music all in a quick and easy way.
Submitted on: 2012-08-08
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Submitted on: 2012-08-03
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Sinsonic Records
Sinsonic Records is an independent label from Switzerland. The website includes news, artist profiles, tour dates, events, music player and shop.
Submitted on: 2012-08-01
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